SVETL, The life generator, a Bio-Informational technology by Nicolai Levashov and RSTS.

Mind & CoronaVirus. Only one will prevail.

             Knowledge and Comprehension arise through different methods. The first is arrived at through the sense organs, while the Mind remains passive, and since the sense organs are alike for all people, so too is knowledge equally available to all. Comprehension is achieved through the dominant participation of the human Mind, which uses the sense organs as tools that it directs and whose impressions it investigates, in order to uncover that which lies behind these impressions, and what causes them. And since THE MINDS of different people are DIFFERENT, their capacity for comprehension is different as well. There are individuals and even whole nations, which are almost completely deprived of it; and there are nations richly gifted with it …


The daily news resemble bulletins from a war front: 128,343 people ill. 4,720 dead. 68,324 recovered. 111 countries of the world affected. These are the official statistics of the fight with coronavirus (COVID-19) for March 13. The World Health Organization, worried about the speed of its spread, has announced a pandemic. It reassures us with the low mortality rate of the disease - about 3%. The highest mortality rate is among the people over 80 years old (14.8%) and among people with cardiovascular diseases (10.5%), hypertension (6-7%), diabetes and chronic diseases of the respiratory system (8% in ages 70 to 80). Not a single child aged 0–9 years old has died, but scientists cannot explain why it is so. They don’t know that children have been born different for about the last ten years. Medical workers have nothing to do here, and their terms cannot explain the differences. More men die than women (2.8% and 1.7%, respectively). The WHO statistics have not made it any better - there is no vaccine and so far it is not known where it might come from. The sources of the disease have not been identified, the mechanism of its spread and its effects on the body are unknown and why viruses mutate is a mystery.


Now this - a major change in COVID-19 in response to the combat against it, has been discovered by microbiologists at Singapore National University. The virus has become shorter; it is now more difficult for the immune system to detect it in the initial stages of infection. THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE DISEASE ARE ALSO UNCLEAR. The experts from WHO admit that they do not know how the situation will develop. In all probability there is a danger of getting the stomach or intestines cancer within a year of infection. Doctors still do not even suspect this. Salvation from ignorance and misunderstanding - the list of countries self-isolating from the outside world is expanding rapidly. But this seemingly most effective means of combating the epidemic does not solve the problem at the root. Just like masks do not guarantee complete personal protection.


Even the clinical picture of the disease is not consistent. The most common symptom (98%), according to which they try to diagnose and isolate the infected, is fever. Dry cough is manifested in 76% of cases, shortness of breath in 55%, diarrhea in 3%.


The first alarming note sounded on December 30, (although today Chinese scientists have come to the conclusion that people may have begun to become infected with COVID-19 back in November). On that day, the Chinese National Health Commission received a report on cases of pneumonia caused by an unknown pathogen - the first cases appeared in the city of Wuhan in central China with 11 million inhabitants on December 12. The illness of traders at the local Huanan wholesale market, where 112 species of seafood and live wild animals for food (wolves, civets, foxes, crocodiles and snakes) were sold, gave birth to the story of the animal origin of the new virus. But this is not confirmed: the experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences believe that the virus could enter the market from another place. Scientists did not rush to believe in the "animal" version - they doubted the ability of viruses to mutate in this way. Although they already knew that the infection, in principle, can be passed not only from animals to humans (as doctors mistakenly believe, smallpox comes from camel, measles from cow, the flu virus – from bird or pig, but the reality is different, with a tendency to get worse from year to year without special measures), but also among people. When there appeared patients who had not visited the market, the situation took on an ominous tone.


As early as January 7, the new pathogen was identified. On January 12 its genome was discovered and published. The Lunar New Year holiday seemed to spread the virus across the country and the world. On January 22, the first infected case appeared in the United States. On January 24, diseased patients were identified in Japan, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore. January 25 announced the first cases of infection in Europe (all three in France) and Australia. On January 31, there were already 9,776 infected people in the world. 213 died and 187 recovered. The diseased appeared in the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Italy, Finland, India and the Philippines. As of March 1, the coronavirus infection was confirmed in 59 countries. The center of the disease today has moved from China to Europe (Italy). A difficult situation is developing in Iran and South Korea.


In search of a source of infection, scientists have unsuccessfully gone from bats and snakes to pangolins. Although COVID-19 belongs to the category coronavirus (there are 37 similar, in particular, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV), little is known about it. Having understood the connection mechanism, scientists ARE NOT ABLE TO EXPLAIN THE REASONS AND THE MECHANISM OF SUCH A MUTATION, precisely aimed at the “deficiency” of human DNA. The virus got its name from the shape of the arrangement of spines on the surface of the virus: it seems that it is surrounded by a corona. To this day, THE MECHANISM OF LUNG INJURY AND CAUSES OF THE DISEASE in humans, AND WAYS OF SPREADING IT, ARE NOT TOTALLY CLEAR. In the opinions of doctors, airborne transmission prevails, and fecal-oral transmission is suspected. Hence the traditional means of protection for these methods. Doctors do not know just how effective they are. In Wuhan, cases of infection of the fourth generation were identified (the first person infects the second, the second – the third, and the third - the fourth) while outside the city cases of the second generation were found.


It is believed that on inanimate objects, viral particles are able to remain active for up to nine days, and they can be effectively destroyed by 0.1% sodium hypochlorite or 62–71% ethanol. This is assuming the source, the aims, means, and structure of COVID-19 are correctly understood. Scientists are already being led into a dead end by CASES OF REPEATED CORONAVIRUS INFECTION, and its detection in the human body WITHOUT MANIFESTATION OF SYMPTOMS OF THE DISEASE, possibly before the creation of conditions for its activation. About 10% of such cases were registered, although it is not clear how such statistics is obtained - a general verification is necessary. One suspicion as to the cause is related to the rapid development of 5G communication networks, intensifying the disharmony between humanity and nature.


Understanding of everything related to COVID-19 goes beyond traditional science and IS DETERMINED BY OTHER PROCESSES HAPPENING ON THE EARTH. They are aimed at restoring the native state of the environment and the energies related to the life activity and life on it. The difference in the states of people from the native states being restored now, which are beyond certain set limits, can be another negative factor contributing to the disease. Therefore, the creation of a vaccine is just a financial project that is not related to people's health, and is not able to solve their problems. The more panic, the more money people will be willing to pay to eliminate its causes. The unnatural way of strengthening (actually destroying) the immune system, closing borders, isolating, and canceling mass events will not save people; the barriers to the virus lie on a different plane of ensuring safety and health of people.


Virus infection was detected in an employee of President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaru, who accompanied the President to negotiations in Washington with US President Donald Trump. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau’s wife Sophie also tested positive for the coronavirus. In Iran, the coronavirus was diagnosed in the advisor to Ayatollah Khamenei, Ali Akbar Velayati. The virus is most dangerous for certain types of people united by  Brain genotype. This is of course hushed up because these people call themselves “rulers” of the Earth. Modern science does not know what the “Brain genotype” is, and therefore does not realize the mechanism of defeating the organism.


The natural character of the appearance of the virus predetermines the necessity for natural remedies and combating it with the help of one’s own immune system.


A few months before the start of the epidemic, people were “granted” the “remedy” that would protect them - mumijo. And it was “granted” exactly in Russia where it was  tested and used. This is not the first appearance of this amazing and highly effective remedy in the history of people, which is absolutely harmless to their health and does not cause any allergies, anaphylactic shock, or other side effects. Aristotle, Central Asian scientist Al-Biruni, the Arab Ibn Rushd (Averroes), medieval French pharmacist Guy de la Fanstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and doctor, scientist and philosopher Ibn Sina (Avicenna) all had long received it in their hands and had actively used it in their work.



Mumijo was used successfully in the Soviet Space program, but was concealed from most people. Neither the origin of mumijo, nor the mechanism of its effect on the body are understood by current science. However, everything is very “simple.” On the one hand, mumijo contains elements of the so-called periodic table in a ratio exactly corresponding to the needs of the human body. On the other hand, it breaks down toxins that the body cannot cope with, in order to remove them by natural means. This is important because toxification of certain cells by only 6.2% can lead to a malignant tumor.


The new wave of interest in mumijo brought about a commercial interest in it as well. After all, the output of the finished product from the initial raw material is only a little more than 2%, and the period for the correct cleaning of the raw material is up to three months. Therefore the shelves of pharmacies are filled with a poorly cleaned product (at best 30%, usually 5-6% purity), the therapeutic effect of which is significantly low.


Only the mumijo prepared by the specialists of the Russian Scientific and Technical Society has 100 percent purity and is guaranteed to comply with the proven accurate cleaning procedures. At some stages, the process even requires specialized utensils for storing the product and a strictly defined water temperature. It shows how amazing mumijo is in its accuracy in its care. And it owes its properties to its origin - a natural collection of minerals, formed by nature as a part of the work of those very means and systems that are engaged in ensuring life support and life on the Earth under new conditions. In small doses, it is good for disease prevention, including coronavirus, or to be more precise, complete protection against it.


And no masks are needed. And all these measures that are widely disseminated by the press and by the heads of states (it is believed that up to 150 million Americans can become infected, and Angela Merkel regrets that up to 60-70% of the German population will be infected with this virus) are meant NOT FOR PROTECTION, BUT FOR PANIC.


And if you were unlucky and still got sick - only this, mumijo, in a short time will save you from all the misfortunes and, most importantly, from those hidden threats that the so-called "disease" carries.


           Let us remember once again -  first the “protection” was granted, and then the “virus” went for a walk. VITA VERSUS VIRUS (VVV-369) (Life Against Virus) - that is the name of what was granted (Mumijo) in anticipation of the ongoing. So the conclusions are up to the readers!


Save yourself - who can and who wants!


2% of people think! 3% of people think that they think, and 95% of people would rather die than begin to think!    It is high time to change this!

F. Shkrudnev

A. Nikonovich