SVETL, The life generator, a Bio-Informational technology by Nicolai Levashov and RSTS.

Mumijo: VVV-369

The New Knowledge. VITA VERSUS VIRUS (VVV-369).


Mumijo is a natural collection of minerals that best interacts with water. When dissolved in water, it forms a colloidal solution with a pH of 6.5-7.5. This is a highly dispersive colloidal system (i.e. by mixing two pure substances - water and mumijo - a solution with new properties of the elements is formed) ideal for humans, containing all the necessary minerals for the body. Due to its composition, when taken orally, mumijo stimulates the activity of many enzyme systems and supports various immunological processes. That is why today, it is a preventive remedy from coronavirus or other viruses, and an antidote for those who have already been exposed.


The structure of Stone Oil or “mountain tar,” as established by some scientists, includes organic compounds (72.28%), inorganic compounds and water (11.9%), and specific chemical elements of the Mendeleev periodic table (CaO - 1.54%, MgO - 2.31%, N2O - 4.95%, P4O - 0.36%, free radicals of organic substances, salts Pb, Si, P, Fe, Mn, Na, Sn, Ag, Vi, Co, Va, Zn, Ba, S, Be, Cu, Mo, B) and the compiled formula (inorganic component - CaSi(K,Na)5C25H5O26, organic - С6Н6О3); none of which could explain the many secrets of healing and other properties of the substance, for example, the fact, inexplicable and incomprehensible to the scientists that the proportions of elements contained in mumijo of practically the entire periodic table CORRESPOND TO THE RATIO of elements IN the HUMAN BODY. 



Avicenna called mumijo “an all-healing balm,” which helps in the treatment of bone fractures, dislocations, sore throat, bronchial asthma, suppuration from the ear and diminished hearing, poisonous snake bites, stomach ulcers and liver diseases, it is believed that it “gives strength to an old heart and not only the heart, rejuvenates the skin, eliminates excessive thickening of the blood.” 


This wide list of ailments that have been successfully treated with the help of mumijo is accounted to its unique, as it is now customary to say, clinical effect: it activates the body's protective functions and accelerates the regenerative processes in it - one of the key areas of application of mumijo from ancient times to ours. After all, the bones are “only” key elements of the information exchange system in the body, which means ... They must and they do have in their composition related cellular structures. Any damage to them is a metabolic disorder that threatens the body, and therefore should be eliminated as quickly as possible and WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES for the information transmission.  


Mumijo significantly accelerates the elimination of the consequences of fractures and other bone injuries, saturating the damaged area with the elements contained in it and needed for the healing. Such “salves” of mountain balsam have been applied to similar injuries since the appearance of mountain tar in the arsenal of healers. But this is also only a partial view. The main thing is interaction with the Brain and its “direct” feeding. In the past, within the framework of the “Brain Genotypes Development” and “Energy Biogenesis of Cells Development” Programs, and today - it is a real help to the Brain to adapt to the transient changes within the framework of the Human Life Support System. 


VVV-369 is the PRODUCT of the CONTROL COMPLEXES’ ACTIVITY for the LIFE SUPPORT of PEOPLE. Today it is the product of the NEW COMPLEXES with new goals, and therefore invaluable by their manifested programs and mumijo properties. 


Mumijo is a gift granted to us as a kind of salvation (relief) of what we are experiencing today and what we still have to experience in the basic “reconstruction” – THE RECONSTRUCTION OF OUR BRAIN with all the accompanying consequences.  


There was superficially so much UNSATISFIED DEMAND for this extremely useful substance, apparently limited by the needs of the elite 4XX genotypes, that it was actively replaced by charlatans, grifters, and swindlers for the sake of profit, with various surrogates, including the liquid obtained as a result of the boiling of corpses, which was presented as a healing substance. Charlatans, grifters, and swindlers of all times and stripes are alike and they are not subject to the ongoing by their essence! Everything was done so that this healing product had an extremely limited distribution and was available only to the elite. And with the “invention” of the pill as a means of “effective healing” (or rather, gradual destruction), the arising pharmacological “business” did its utmost so that EVERYTHING RELATED TO MUMIJO went into oblivion, and so that information about it remained exclusively with those who lived in the areas where the mumijo was found.


Only the mumijo prepared by the specialists of the Russian Scientific and Technical Society has 100 percent purity and is guaranteed to comply with the proven accurate cleaning procedures. At some stages, the process even requires specialized utensils for storing the product and a strictly defined water temperature. It shows how amazing mumijo is in its accuracy in its care. And it owes its properties to its origin - a natural collection of minerals, formed by nature as a part of the work of those very means and systems that are engaged in ensuring life support and life on the Earth under new conditions. In small doses, it is good for disease prevention, including coronavirus, or to be more precise, complete protection against it.


And no face masks are needed. All these measures that are widely disseminated by the press and by the heads of states (it is believed that up to 150 million Americans can become infected, and Angela Merkel regrets that up to 60-70% of the German population will be infected with this virus) are meant NOT FOR PROTECTION, BUT FOR PANIC.


And if you were unlucky and still got sick - only this, mumijo, in a short time will save you from all the misfortunes and, most importantly, from those hidden threats that the so-called "disease" carries. Let us remind once again -  first the “protection” was granted, and then the “virus” went for a walk. VITA VERSUS VIRUS (VVV-369) (Life Against Virus) - that is the name of what was granted (Mumijo) in anticipation of the ongoing. So the conclusions are up to the readers! Save yourself - who can and who wants!


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