SVETL, The life generator, a Bio-Informational technology by Nikolai Levashov's and RSTS.


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Knowledge and understanding are necessary to overcome almost all of mankind existing problems.
We are becoming the creators of our own fate, but only when we are moving forward, will we be able to maximize a return and understanding.

If a person has blind faith in everything other people try to impose on him, he will not be able to exercise the proper understanding of the relationship between the cause and its consequences because only in this case can he clear his life path from all its obstacles!

Throughout the entire life any Person of sense asks philosophical questions, mostly without answers. Questions like - Who are we? How did life originate on our planet? What is the purpose of our life? Why do people die? Why do they get sick? Why do they get old? We also ask many other questions that mankind has been trying to answer for many centuries and, in spite of a large number of versions and propositions, nobody can clearly explain to a human being who he or she really is - until now.

But if questions about being and sense of life can somehow be pushed to the background, we can find an answer to them and just stop thinking about them - questions that concern health, ageing and death relate to us closely every day and every second. But we can’t ignore the questions!

What do we know about health, diseases and a human body?
Modern medicine is aware of over 1500 diseases and even more medicines and preparations have been created to attempt to control these. However, we still can’t prevent diseases. We can only relieve symptoms without eliminating the reason itself.

Scientists have grasped the idea of nano-sized human cells but we are still not capable of understanding why our body activates immediately in an acute attack of fear and horror, making us extremely strong in an effort to save our lives. Though we understand that it takes 3-4 seconds or maybe more for the well-known adrenaline (and the less well-known noradrenaline) to distribute along our body with blood. If a human waited for such a period of time before an attempt to save his or her life, there would be many more deaths on the Earth.

Scientists around the world are still unable to reveal the mechanisms of human memory, in spite of considerable developments in medicine and other areas of human knowledge close to it. But almost all the specialists admit that human memory is not located nearly inside a human brain, as it is based somewhere outside the physical human body. An English biochemist and psychologist, Rupert Sheldrake, made a hypothesis that “memory is stored in an energy field we are not able to feel”.

Possibilities of modern science don’t allow us either to prove or contradict it. Modern science doesn’t provide us with answers to many other questions and this is quite normal, as we are in the process of development and every day find something new and marvelous that used to be unexplainable yesterday. Not long ago, a famous and respected scientists asserted that an object that is more solid than air couldn’t fly and wouldn’t ever fly. Modern science proved something quite the opposite and flight by plane became a usual, habitual and sometimes even necessary thing to do for an enormous amount of people.

Today similar processes concern such notions as ‘health’ and ‘disease’ whereas the notion of ‘a human being’ as a physical object and a ‘physically solid object’ is undergoing considerable changes, because modern science has almost reached the understanding of the fact that physical matter is not everything and there is something more…

Modern science officially admits the existence of ‘dark matter’ that occupies 90% of our Universe. The remaining 10% is presented by a physically solid substance that can be seen with our sense organs and examined with the devices created by us.

Our planet, our bodies, and everything that surrounds us, consists not only of the ‘visible’ one tenth part but also of the remaining 90 percent that forms the ‘dark matter’ or, more accurately, ‘the primary matters’. Our Universe is formed with seven primary matters and a human body just like any other physical objects must be considered only as an unity of the seven primary matters and as a whole.

Apart from our physical body every cell in it has ‘additional’ bodies that consist of primary matters and in the right accumulation and redistribution of primary matters in a human organism our physical body can independently fight almost any disease known to modern medicine.

What we are talking about is the key to the understanding of the processes of formation and right development of a human body and is the main part of the explanation of the reasons for diseases, ageing and even death.

Right distribution of primary matters directly influences the formation, development and corresponding condition of a human physical body. First the matters affect the ‘additional’ human bodies and only later the influence is reflected on the physical level and health of a human as a consequence.

In the non-proportional distribution of primary matters the ‘additional’ human bodies function and develop following another scenario which is far from the ideal one. In this case a human can be compared with a plant that is not watered enough, because additional bodies are not fed enough for normal functioning due to some other reasons. This malnutrition in its turn is reflected in the physical human body in the form of different diseases, allergies and lack of immunity. However, it should be noted that a physical body and additional human bodies obtain a certain amount of primary matters in daily life, otherwise the existence of a human would be impossible. Acquisition of primary matters occurs at the expense of the splitting of physically solid substances (food, water, etc.) in a human body.

And if the flows of primary matters in a certain person are distributed in the right way and all his/her additional bodies are well saturated with the flows, the person does not have any health problems but has strong immunity, gets sick rarely, is full of life and energy, both in physical and mental terms. But, due to many reasons (bad ecology, not quality products or contaminated products, etc) the amount of primary matters we obtain from food is not enough for complete saturation of additional human bodies.

The exchange of flows between the additional bodies and the physical body is disturbed, manifesting in the form of numerous diseases, allergies and other illnesses.

A human’s bad habits also influence the distribution of primary matter flows. Too heavy elements, a large amount of which is contained in the smoke of a cigarette, alcohol and other narcotic substances, are not completely disintegrated by our bodies and although we get some primary matters with them, too many wastes remain after such a process.

A body doesn’t need the wastes and it tries to get rid of them which is not that simple. If there is too much of the wastes, a body does not have time to cope with them; slag and different deposits that prevent a human body from normal functioning are formed.

The emotional condition of a human plays a significant role in the distribution of primary matter flows and if negative emotions (for example, fear or stress of any kind) predominate under certain circumstances, the flows of primary matters go from the physical body to the additional bodies. Thus, the flows are considerably decreased or, to be more exact, the channels of the flow transition are reduced (narrowed) and additional bodies do not obtain the needed feeding.

Different organs of a human body have additional bodies of different quality, the ‘more complicated’ organs have ‘more complicated’ bodies. This is related to the evolutionary development of human organs. More ‘complicated’ organs have more ‘tender’ bodies as they accomplish the most important function in a body and in a sudden ceasing of the corresponding feeding some of the cells of the ‘tender’ organ related to the additional bodies can be totally ‘deprived’ of feeding as it is not enough for their comfortable existence. Apart from the concurrent diseases, the deprivation leads to the occurrence of cancer tumors.

In normal distribution of primary matters in a human body all the organs and additional bodies of the organs obtain a similar feeding and similar ‘pressure’ to the ‘upper level’. When some cells of an organ are deprived of feeding, the ‘pressure’ remains the same and the number of ‘levels’ in an organ (or cells of the organ) becomes less. The ‘pressure’ is obtained from the ‘construction material’ contained in the physical cells of the organ and ‘pressure’ starts ‘building’ additional spaces where the excessive pressure can be released. Uncontrolled division of cells or cancer is developed.

A tumor in the cells, which are divided rapidly without any control, deprives a body of the major part of its necessary energy. This leads to overloading and the fast destruction of all the organs and the body systems.

The reason for cancer is in the destruction of normal structures of the cells at the level of its additional bodies. That is why a tumor can be removed many times, yet within in five years (when regular substitution of the cells of destructed bodies takes place) it will be there again… Because the reason is not yet eliminated, the ‘levels’ are not completely built, the ‘pressure’ still has nowhere to go and it will be building additional ‘levels’ at the level of the ‘ground floor’ i.e. on a physical body. Only after restoration of all the ‘levels’ of the cells to the normal structure, typical of that type of cells, will no new tumors be seen in a person.

Modern science has proved many times that cells of a physical human body renew several times in the course of life. Bone cells renew once every 15 years. All the other types of cells renew more often than that. In other words, the age of cells in a 15-year-old boy and 90-year-old man is the same. But no one can say that the two persons look the same… The point is that the ageing process of a body is related to the disturbed harmony between the physical human body and the additional bodies, but not to the ageing of cells. The speed of evolutionary development of physical and additional human bodies is different. At a certain moment this is a period of harmony between different human bodies when intelligence and creativity can be manifested to the full extent. In such a harmony the movement of the primary matter flows, between various human bodies is balanced to the maximum.

However, in the course of time the speed of development of additional human bodies exceeds the one of a physical body. The harmony of movement of the primary matter flows between the bodies is disturbed. When the differences are increased, transition of primary matters to certain additional human bodies is stopped. ‘Nutrition’ of these ‘levels’ is switched off and their development is terminated. Only the ‘lower level’ continues its development, as its nutrition is less significant but still takes place. Termination of the ‘upper levels’ nutrition leads to memory loss and disturbance of thinking mechanisms (sometimes they say that a person becomes childish). Gradually, a physical body loses its capability to provide all the additional bodies with ‘nutrition’ and physical death takes place when all the additional bodies together are no longer compatible with the physical body.

Disturbance of the circulation of primary matters between the additional bodies leads to diseases and ageing, while termination of circulation of the primary matters between the additional bodies leads to death.

It must be noted that for harmonious development of all the human bodies any flows of primary matters of different quality that penetrate the additional human bodies must be within the qualitative and quantitative balance.

Now let us say a few words about modern medicines.

The principle action of almost any medicine is based on the fact that these medicines produce a depressing effect on any live body, both at the level of an infectious agent and a human body itself. It is understood that the poisons can insignificantly harm a body by fast killing infectious agents, ensuring its fast return to the normal condition. But unfortunately an infection adjusts to the poisons very fast, in order to stay alive and so it stops reacting to them. What is to be done in such a situation? In this situation people increase the dosage and concentration of the poison. As soon as medicinal poison concentration exceeds the recommended one, a body loses its capability to neutralize its effect on the organs and systems and medicinal poisoning and body destruction takes place.

As far as the majority of medicines known today are concerned, the concentration that produces a destructive effect on the infecting agent destructs the human body as well. And it is difficult to choose the least of two evils…

Today we are absolutely sure that in working with (producing effect on) a physical body only, without influencing other material human bodies, the pathological changes remain in the ‘thin’ (additional) bodies and will be manifested on the physical level with time.

That is why the era of medicinal treatment and medicines has come to its logical conclusion. Medicine needs to find and adopt other methods to struggle with diseases, ones that could really help a person without producing harm to the body.

We are all aware of the principle that it is easier to prevent a fire than to try to extinguish it. The same can be said about health: it is easier to prevent a disease than to cure it.

A disease only appears in a body that is weak, due to some particular reason. If a body is weak, what appears are the necessary conditions for the development of these or those diseases. Infectious agents are always available, waiting for their time to come. Diseases of large cities, female and male diseases, genetic disorders, mental disturbances, epidemics… all the awful human ailments have the same basic root and one reason.

And this reason consists of the inharmonic development of the physical body and additional human bodies, irregular distribution of primary matter flows from the physical human body to the additional bodies and vice versa.

A physical body is just the tip of the iceberg, it doesn’t reflect the more complex processes that we can’t see yet because our sense organs are imperfect.