SVETL, The life generator, a Bio-Informational technology by Nicolai Levashov and RSTS.



Ruth Scott. Going beyond to our best selves.

Our life and growth from infancy, through childhood and adolescence, and finally into adulthood takes us through the phases with which we are all familiar… growth and control of our physical bodies, experience and mastery of our emotions, and adult maturity that permits the actualization of our life’s plan and dreams. A fact of which most of us are unaware is that these phases correspond to the development of our subtle selves or bodies, material bodies that are as much clairvoyant sight. It is the proper construction of these unseen bodies that brings us to wholeness and to the ability for fullest expression of our spirit or soul.


Marina Valyaeva. Instagram, memory loss and SLN technology.

Modern life inflicts daily strain and worries about this or that mostly without a reason. Our way of living requires "daily mining of money" for which you need to go to work, and then we have children, household... and, in general, things that we just got into. Things have flooded our closets and minds. People use books for... faster falling ASLEEP! This is called «getting old”. A person does not become old when (s)he does not recognize their own reflection in the mirror one day. A person becomes old when (s)he stops reading books to learn something new.


Valentine Palmer. A London patient.

“I have been observing this patient for many years, during this time he came to me on various occasions, and this time he came to me with discomfort and pain when walking, these are the consequences of his injury about three years ago. He pulled and partially torn the ligaments in the ankle joint of his right leg. Before contacting me, he underwent several courses of physiotherapy, consulted with various orthopedists, but there was no significant improvement.