SVETL, The life generator, a Bio-Informational technology by Nicolai Levashov and RSTS.

369-2. Where, what for and why…

The only authority you can
submit to is the authority of the Mind.

The relations between government structures and the social strata of the population “are held on very thin threads.” And these threads seem to be getting even thinner before our eyes. At the forefront of what is happening is violence and disregard for the hopes and ambitions of the people. The authorities do not want to consult with the people, assuming things are okay as they are.

The President announced that money would be given to doctors  and medical workers for work that puts them at risk, but in reality they are not paid as promised. How can these “serfs” earn more than we do! And so everywhere: managers at all levels are already accustomed to humiliate their subordinates morally and financially without a twinge of conscience, accepting this state of affairs as completely normal and natural. And labor legislation only contributes to this. Among young people, the level of distrust in the current government and readiness for protest actions are at a very high level, no matter who says what. All the authorities’ efforts to stabilize the economy and governance are in vain. Basically, the control over the country is being lost. Most of the issues solved by the President, whose appearance on TV screens has also raised many questions lately, can be solved by local officials, but they DO NOT EVEN THINK about it.

They have long been accustomed to believe that the people owe them, that is, the state, therefore they often treat them the way feudal lords treat their serfs. And this is no longer shocking. People are used to it!

There is a constant "brainwashing" from the TV screens, which makes people send each other  horror stories about 5G, which is not in any way explained by the authorities, about imperceptible chipping under the guise of mandatory vaccination, about the deep state, adrenochrome1, and perverts in Hollywood and the like. They scare people with flying saucers, with another total eclipse, or that the Temple in Russia was erected to rally the Armed Forces, then they describe how to build "Orthodox capitalism." And all this, along with news about some movie star and her latest plastic surgery, and the color of her underwear, while the world is crumbling around us!

Are there really not enough real problems in our life to be concerned about? For example: half of the entrepreneurs and small limited liability companies are already on the verge of ruin or have gone bankrupt, but the authorities do not care. As well as the fact that hundreds of thousands of ordinary people will not able to repay loans and mortgages! Are these petty things? No one can imagine what plans the authorities are hatching for the future; they create them before our eyes and change them every day. An effective means of economic recovery has not yet been invented, they will probably use the old proven unpopular methods - devaluation or denomination of the ruble and other currencies, this is already being quietly announced in many information networks by commentators of all stripes close to the structures of authority. So what's going on? How can it be understood and comprehended and then, how can one make a certain life forecast? What is the true meaning of the hidden causality of the collapse taking place all over, including in Russia? Without an answer to this most important question of our time, it is IMPOSSIBLE TO DETERMINE THE WAY out of the created situation, and no matter how pompous it may sound – the transition to a new stage of development of the new Civilization. Representatives of the modern circles of social sciences, using the traditional methodological approach, no matter how perfect and diverse it can be, according to their statements, are not able to see workable solutions, which do not lead either to Utopia or general confusion.

In this regard, relying on information from the "Fundamentals of the Formation of Mankind" (hereinafter FFM) using the methodology of energy-informational dialectics of the development of brain genotypes, discovered by the Russian scientists N. Morozov, A. Khatybov, N. Levashov, V. Vidyapin and others, no less outstanding , but not public today due to the tasks they solve, it is time to illuminate  the true meaning of the state of modern Civilization, to determine the nature of the real historical catastrophe of Russia at the end of the twentieth century, to reveal and clarify the existing political system structure and  all of its elements that are hidden from people, as a result of the catastrophic neoliberal reform. And the manifestation of the true state of this structure, as an INSTRUMENT OF DOMINATION AGAINST PEOPLE, will allow us to identify hidden weaknesses and all its imperfections, as well as to form a theoretical basis for understanding and orienting ordinary people in the ongoing events and developing objective strategies for getting out of the condition of an obvious catastrophe. Coverage of these listed problematic life issues through the prism of RECONSTRUCTED TRUTH will present all the gloom of the real states of development of all spheres of human existence, which is sharply different from the "bright" lies about it, now declared by the "dominating authority," and will make it possible to draw different conclusions from the perspective of a true view of the existing reality’s inevitable collapse, to show the main positions of the new ideological platform, to REALLY ASSESS the existing internal and external causal circumstances, to identify and select appropriate paths and possibly forced emergency actions - as the last and decisive step towards the salvation of both people and independence in the future development of Russia.  2 

Over the millennia, the progressive minds of the world's thinkers have constantly been directed by their research, their results, and their judgments, to resolve the main philosophical question what are people intended for on Earth, what is the purpose of their life, what are the goals of the development of civilization... Up until the present day, this has been far from an idle area of ​​research, since the MOST STRATEGIC PARAMETERS for the common and local future and much more, depend on them. Therefore, they are of concern to leading thinkers both in Russia (which, unfortunately, are very few) and throughout the world. But the practical results so far create more questions than provide comforting answers, and only add MORE UNCERTAINTY IN THE FUTURE existence of not only a person himself, but also life on Earth as a whole, which more and more people have been convinced of lately. The beginning of the twenty-first century was not an exception to this, but on the contrary exacerbated the problematic nature of all aspects related to existence. All structural forms and methods of the organized modern life of people are affected by the constantly growing scale of crises and social cataclysms. People have lost the ability to be rational.

Parasitic insanity for the sake of profit by violence against their own kind and the environment, has become DOMINANT IN THE LIFE OF MANY PEOPLE. There is no need to bother collecting all the statements of the so-called "scientific works" realized through publications in scientific and other forms of presentation on this subject (which is not simple and not merely philosophical.) We will also not get carried away by attempts of expert analysis in order to determine the level of correspondence to the truth of such teachings or inferences, since they WERE CORRECT IN THEIR OWN WAY and were in line with the historical period in which these ideas were presented in their scientific and secular surroundings. Obviously, this should have been the case under the prevailing conditions and within the framework of program development processes under the control from the outside by the old System2; however, since a  certain time, THIS CONTROL DOESN'T EXIST ANY MORE, it has been eliminated by the newly re-created native SystemThis means only one thing — the elimination of all programmed control  processes of the old Control System results in the collapse of the Civilization created by thatSystem, which is what we are actually seeing today and which  is the root cause of everything that is happening both with  us and on earth. This is what we need  to tell everyone, the truth about the past hidden from us, which explains the deep essence of all of our  problems today in their full meaning and understanding. I am absolutely convinced that this is the only thing that can and should dispel the fog in the comprehension, the understanding of the world, and the corresponding worldview of people, of both the current and the future generations.

Taking into account the fact of concealing from people their being used as material for experiments in the past in all of the programmed processes of development and the corresponding civilization built on violence, it is necessary to understand that the true informational final conclusion on these philosophical problematic issues  is the following:

  • The programmatically predetermined meaning of people’s existence, regardless  of their voluntary and independent awareness, and their will and desire, was the imposed and externally limited  acquisition of material goods and services, as a requirement for SELF-SUPPORT OF THEIR BIOLOGICAL SURVIVAL, as the goal of the conditionally conscious meaning of existence, changing by the stages of the energy biogenesis and the development of the brain genotypes program;
  • The meaning and purposefulness of the gradual development of civilization is the production of goods and services, and the improvement of methods and techniques to increase the quantity and improve their quality due to CONSTANTLY DEVELOPING TECHNOLOGIES corresponding to the level of the acquired  knowledge provided by the System.

This is exactly how the old interventionist System treated its ward with cruelty and savagery, given their intended RESTRICTED PURPOSE usage only as a programmable material.The current generation and their followers should realize and accept this truth, no matter how unpleasant and difficult it may be! The basic foundation of the principles and goals for  controlling the entire development of people was mapped out precisely such that the purpose of their existence, and the stage-by-stage development of civilization with the limited program and ONLY used as a MATERIAL-FOR-EXPERIMENT. The old System did not have any other strategic and target orientation regarding the development of people!

The Brain restructuring (Irina Barsukova, Belorussia)The entire systemic control of human development within the framework of the program for the improvement of brain genotypes and energy biogenesis put a COMPLETE INFORMATION TABOO on realizing the truth about these main problematic philosophical issues. Whatever level of "natural" intelligence people may have at any stage in the development of civilization, their brain has always been the object of informational violence from the old System. Possessing only the functions embedded in it (the brain) within the framework of its development program and being divided into several genotypes, it was limited by the level of target comprehension that was provided unequally in its capacity and depth for each profile class, i.e., the CONTROLLING OR the CONTROLLED. addition, people’s awareness of the surrounding objective reality and the subsequent practical embodiment of the realized when organizing their being, significantly differed not only in terms of belonging to the brain genotype, but also differed within the same genotype group, since it was also dependent on belonging to one of the twelve tribes in each genotype. It should be taken into account that the functional purpose of each territory, formed by the System, PLAYED A DEFINITE ROLE in relation to the awareness of the surrounding programmed reality by individuals identified in exactly the same way, both by the brain genotype and by belonging to a particular tribe. This diversity is not only surprising, but also EXPLAINS THE LACK OF UNITY IN THE KNOWLEDGE and development of people, significant differences in the organization of forms of life, the variety of social structures of control, the reasons for their emergence and arrangement, the presence of "national" features of development and much more. This has not been considered at all by all previous and modern science on the basis of their stated doctrines in the theory of the development of civilization.

With all its diversity of executive application, the brain was in conformity with the level of the interventionist System Mind development as a whole. It was a product of the System in the broad aspect of options for program-targeted significance and application. Nothing superfluous or unsuitable in its performance was created. Nobody should have known this "product" of the old System. Why does it exist on Earth, for what purposes, and where is its development oriented - all this was never attainable for people. The reasons are obvious, albeit sad - the brain was COMPLETELY FORCIBLY CAPTIVATED by the old Control System.

Despite the establishment of more perfect brain functions according to the stages of its development, a constant and significant increase in the level of knowledge provided about the surrounding world, and the corresponding general worldview, there was still complete isolation from any attempts of comprehension and SELF-VISION other controlled related processes accompanying and contributing to the development of a civilization of people. Completely invisible and unconscious for them, the old System carried out a constant step-by-step correction of the entire environmental states of harmony, flora, and fauna, as well as the formation and timely manifestation of the natural raw material resources necessary for its development, even their anticipated discovery was not left unattended. All this was perceived by people as a natural development of nature, in the sense of a “conquest,” as the final step-by-step result of self-improvement.

Moreover, under the System control from the outside, there was regulated admission and restrictions in the timely use of resources, and many other processes were carried out. The general tempo and the chronicles’ process clock rates were dictated and accompanied by the levels of development. The very understanding and use of technologies for the production of the minimum required volumes and quality of goods and services was subject to control. The whole process of changes was programmatically declared and formed in the AWARENESS OF THE VALUE APPROACH to everything and in everything, and much more, which determines the general aspects of changes in the organized life of people. Even the distribution of all produced goods was not reprieved of the attention of the Systemn, since the creation of social structures, the arrangement and effectiveness of the entire sphere of authority, the general and private regulation of various options for organizing the control in matters of the complex existence  of people, etc., all together, was a controlled programmed process. It would be worthwhile today  for not only philosophers to think about and try to explain from more reasonable positions, how all this  could be harmoniously controlled by just people on the basis of their level of limited knowledge of the surrounding "objective" reality, as modern science still goes on claiming. But this is no longer important!

4This entire complex process of accompanying control has now been eliminated, there remain only the FADING Motor skills of self-degenerating uncontrollable existence as a former integral complex of previously controlled states, invisible to people. This is a rather dangerous condition for a short time, especially during the Transitional period, if a different supporting control is not given.

If there is no control over the general processes of being, and if the energy harmony of the entire environment is not maintained, the question of existence of the former “intelligent life on Earth” cannot be as such, since unorganized being is capable of eliminating itself for 3-4 generations of people! All the destructive vices they have previously acquired will work, like “squibs” for self-destruction. First of all, general brain degradation will play an important factor in this destruction. And this must not be allowed to happen, although in today's realities this degradation of the so called “ruling élite” is already visible with a “naked eye”. And to the question — “So what is happening to our rulers, have they all gone crazy”, there is only one answer: without information support from the former Control Complexes, most of the previously established functionsin individuals of brain genotypes 42, 44 and 46 cannot be in the active state. Their comprehension of the surrounding "objective" reality without information support is getting inadequate. People are losing not only the gained knowledge, but also practical experience of existence under the conditions of the environment perception as reality for them, since this directly depends on the same information support.

In the absence of control over the general processes of being, as well as if there is a failure to maintain the energetic harmony of the entire environment, the most problematic issue of the existence of the former "intelligent life on Earth" cannot be sustained as such, since unorganized existence is able to liquidate itself over 3-4 generations of people! All the destructive vices they previously acquired will work, like "squibs" for self-destruction. First of all, general brain degradation will play a significant role in this destruction. And this must not be allowed to happen, although today, in reality, this degradation of the so called “ruling élite” is already visible with the “naked eye.” And to the question - "what is happening to our rulers, have they all gone crazy?" there is only one answer: without informational support from the former Control Complexes, most of the previously established functions in individuals of brain genotypes 42, 44, and 46 cannot have an actively operational disposition. Their awareness of the surrounding "objective" reality without informational support becomes inadequate. People will lose not only the acquired level of knowledge, but also the practical experience of existence in the conditions of the perception of the environment as a reality for them, since this directly depends on the same informational support.

It is enough to change the frequencies of hearing and vision, or to make some correction in gravitational frequencies, for the environment to acquire completely different spatio-temporal and other parameters, with the result that  the brain with its previous functions and capabilities WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PERCEPT AND RECOGNIZE it as reality. This understanding is especially important for the Users of the “SvetL” Programs, whose brain, in interaction with the Programs, adequately and smoothly acquires its state in the current time. This causes headaches and other disorders, which some users have been complaining about lately. All these are temporary phenomena that can be overcome by the brain. And in this area some skeptics’ objections about the preservation of the constancy of the current information of the academic level and the sufficiency in its practical use for the continuation of life are completely unfounded.

The changes in the environment and living conditions have now forced people to confront the need for ACQUISITION of  KNOWLEDGE of a completely different level, requiring the integration of the brain into higher octaves (frequencies). This is the key to understanding.

Under these conditions, the preserved previous scientific, academic, and all other knowledge acquired, will become an atavism. Moreover, the previous flow of the life support information of living cells in terms of density and complexity of control becomes weaker and weaker. As a result, the level of the energy biogenesis development of the human body begins to degrade with increasing intensity. This has already led to the destruction of metabolic and other previously controlled processes of the body. And in this case, its complex mutational deviations are inevitable! Bird flu, swine  flu, and other flus of recent years, the "sudden" appearance of the so-called coronavirus simultaneously and practically all over the world, other new mass diseases, the birth of unimaginable specimens of inhuman appearance, etc., are only an initial, insignificant trifle in the manifestation of what has been said here and in my books... Will the “businessmen in the white lab coats” be able to provide a different solution to this, while maintaining the position of their professional “excellence” with their Hippocratic oath, but on the basis of profit? The answer is obvious - to raise prices for their "false services," especially since the development of such a science is led by an accountant, that is, a simple bookkeeper! This is just one of the many factored directions of the collapse that has already taken place. The so-called pandemic has shown that only the army, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, state medical services, and other operational state structures, are able to work quickly to resolve issues. Private structures are NOT ABLE to  quickly resolve issues at a state level, without calculating PROFITS AND LOSSESWhat were private doctors doing in the USA, the European Union, and also in Russia? They simply closed their hospitals until the end of the pandemic and the remnants of state medical and operational services fought against the coronavirus. This is also a natural process in the understanding of what is happening.

Many people have already understood a lot. But not all of them and not everything - there are still many interesting questions to be asked and answers to be given -the true questions and one’s own answers, in which – full realization of all of their facets, turning to everyone who looks into the eyes of the truth of their perception. They are common in their goal - on the way to the answers laid out by the “Fundamentals of the Formation of Mankind,” the pages of which we began to review.


1 Adrenochrome is an elixir of immortality: supposedly, this is a substance produced by the child's body (!) only during fright, terrible pain and similar stress. It is produced in the laboratories of a mysterious island, which is visited by VIP guests from Hollywood.

2 See The Fundamentals of Mankind Formation, BOOK 1.