SVETL, The life generator, a Bio-Informational technology by Nicolai Levashov and RSTS.


In recent years, increasingly more people complain about the incomprehensible shutdown of their consciousness and attentiveness, seemingly unexplainable memory loss, difficulties in remembering, and indeed the inability to read long texts. Moreover, it is not about the elderly, but mostly about young people of 18-23 years of age. On the other hand, we see people who are far beyond 70, yet they have clear speech without any pauses or verbal debris in the form of "uh", "ahhh", "like", "you know" and the like.


So, what's the matter, why are many young people nowadays not able to read long novels or even short stories? Let me ask: did you actually read Mark Twain’s "Tom Sawyer", or maybe just watched the movie?


Let us analyze more closely and somewhat deeper, the issue of memory loss and concentration problems, and find out the true cause of the degradation of human brain activity. In the process, we will also learn what SLN technologies are and how they help with these illnesses of the 21st century.


In fact, the true cause of memory problems in young people is that young people are constantly, around the clock "connected to information"; and, to the unworthy garbage information, absolutely meaningless for either the consciousness of the individual, or society. Facebook, according to young people, turns out to be for elders, and students usually hang out on instagram. Why there? The answer is hidden in the title: "instagram", i.e. instant recordings. In other words, the accelerated loss of your brain functions began on that momentous day when you decided to be constantly online and in-touch. And it doesn’t make any difference if that 24/7 "online" connection was business-inflicted, or grew out of your fear of being "not well informed", "not knowledgeable of the subject", "not in the know", i.e. the fear of being passed off as a has been, an eccentric in the environment of one’s own kind... and of course you would want to fit-in and be like everyone else, and not to stand out with a different opinion, unpopular among your peers...


Moreover, most people (especially young) are tied to their electronic devices and social media so strongly,  that when threatened to be disconnected from the network for at least one day, they experience mental depression, bordering on panic, but also a real physical breakdown, resembling a drug withdrawal. Hard to believe? We dare you: turn off all of your devices completely and try to live at least three days without them. Remember to write your memoirs vividly describing those three days!!!


There is an opinion: the Internet is like a real drug. What is a drug? It is a completely non-useful thing,  which any person can live beautifully without until he tries the drug. And when he tries, then addiction arises for life — drug addiction is not curable. The ability to effectively perceive long texts and read classical literature will soon become the PRIVILEGE of the ELITE, available only to a certain kind of people. This idea is not new, since even Umberto Eco in the novel "The Name of the Rose" offered to allow entrance into the library only to those who can and are ready to perceive deep knowledge. And all the rest will be able to read only commercials and instagram messages.


In short, my friends, modern medicine and science are absolutely powerless when it comes to memory loss or anything else; and no pills, nutritional supplements, diets, shrink, motivational training, etc. are able to stop the degradation of your brain, no matter how much you pay them, or at what clinic you are "treated". We strongly recommend that you immediately stop chewing on all kinds of informational garbage, and proceed to the daily loading of your brain with useful information. This process of re-learning is not easy and extremely time consuming, and for many people it is now completely impossible because they missed their train for good.


But hope, as you know, dies last! It is still possible to stop, or even reverse the degradation of your brain. There are two options that may be used:


The first is the individual Power of Will.


Second — SLN Technology


You have already heard about the first method, and know that the Will is developed from a very young age. Here we'll explain in more detail about the second method — for those who are searching the world for exactly this information. So tune in!


SLN Technologies were first developed in the 80s of the XX century by Nikolai Levashov on the basis of knowledge of the laws of nature in general and living nature in particular, as well as the principles of the living cell and experience of extrasensory healing. The first Complex was created, which was called SvetL, the psi-field generator, the generator of primary matters, the generator of dark matter, the generator of life, or the gravity-magneto-electric generator. Regardless of the name, the essence and the core of the generator do not change. The Generator of Life controls the so-called dark matter itself and is created from it. Dark matter has derived its name due to complete lack of knowledge about it and the inability to detect it with any modern scientific devices.Generator of Life "SLN" is not just a name. It is the source of the vital energy necessary for a man; and that energy manifests itself as Life, accompanying all physical, mental, and spiritual manifestations. This energy is invisible, but it forms all the real physical processes, without an understanding of which Humanity is doomed to extinction. And such extinction happens in many different ways, including the mental disorders, i.e. a disorder of brain activity, expressed by the degradation of cognitive function, and guess by what else? That's right, memory impairment, difficulty remembering ... i.e. just the very symptoms that we mentioned at the beginning of this article.


New revolutionary technologies are increasingly filling our lives. Less than a century ago, radio and television seemed to be a miracle and science fiction, and some 25-30 years ago an incredible miracle of technology was represented by the introduction of mobile phones, portable computers and much more, which is an integral part of our life now. Many absolutely fantastic technologies are getting developed and are becoming a reality, rapidly entering our lives. Restoration of physical and mental health; deep intellectual, creative, spiritual development; protection from negative energy and informational что всеinfluences is only a small list of «tasks” successfully solved by the psi-field SLN generator.


The links below will take you to sites where you may learn more about SLN Technologies, watch related videos, and in general there are a lot of interesting materials there!


Now let us return to our memory problem discussion, and in more detail we will explain the essence of this phenomenon for those who are interested in their own fate, and the fate of their relatives and friends.


...Modern life inflicts daily strain and worries about this or that mostly without a reason. Our way of living requires "daily mining of money" for which you need to go to work, and then we have children, household... and, in general, things that we just got into. Things have flooded our closets and minds. People use books for... faster falling ASLEEP! This is called «getting old”. A person does not become old when (s)he does not recognize their own reflection in the mirror one day. A person becomes old when (s)he stops reading books to learn something new. Gray brain cells lose their connections and electric stimulation; thus becoming useless, and therefore — dead. Reading wakes up imagination. And without imagination, everything becomes routine and boring. Everything. There is a saying that the person reading the RIGHT books will always command the person watching the TV or hanging in the virtual world.


Do you argue and say that you read daily on the Internet? Let me tell you: 10 years ago, in 2008, it was known that the average Internet user reads no more than 20% of the text posted on a page, and avoids large paragraphs. Moreover, special studies have shown that a person, who is permanently connected to the network, does not read the text, but scans it instead just like a ROBOT: snatches scattered pieces of data from everywhere, constantly jumps from one place to another, evaluates information only from the "share" position: "is it possible to send this "revelation" to someone and be known as an erudite? " They share not with the purpose of discussing, expressing their opinion for the expansion of consciousness, but mainly with the aim of evoking emotions in the form of animated "emoticons", accompanied by short remarks and shouts like OMG or LOL. What a masterpiece, isn’t it?


In the course of said research, it turned out that the pages on the Internet are not fully read, but briefly viewed in a pattern resembling the letter F:


The user first reads the first few lines of the text content of the page (sometimes even several complete sentences); then jumps to the middle of the page and reads a few more lines (as a rule, only partially, without finishing the lines to the end); and then quickly goes down to the very bottom of the page — to see, "how it ended. "


In the pictures below, red marks those areas where the reader’s attention lasts the longest. Yellow — a quick view. Blue and gray areas are not read at all.


Therefore, it appears that the most effective way to present information to an ordinary Internet user is to display the information in the form of an inverted pyramid — the lower, the less information, and even with the obligatory emphasis of keywords (so that information consumers understand what is important and what is not) and disclosure of no more than ONE thought per paragraph. This is the only way to keep your attention on the page as long as possible. Yet if, as you descend down the page, the density of information does not decrease, but on the contrary increases (as, for example, in this article), then only a few readers remain to read such pages in its entirety.


There is hardly a person who would not have heard the popular network utterance "too many letters — not mastered", which is usually written in response to the offer to read something longer than a couple dozen lines. It turns out a vicious circle — there is no point in writing lengthy pieces, since almost no one will read it, and a reduction in the volume of transmitted thought leads to even further brain degradation not only for readers, but for writers as well! As a result, we have what we have — a massive debilitation.


Even people with good (in the past) reading skills now say that, after spending a whole day on the Internet and maneuvering among tens and hundreds of emails, they physically cannot force themselves to read a very interesting book; that reading just past the first page turns out to be a real torture. Reading simply "does not go", because it is difficult to force yourself to stop scanning the text, looking for keywords in it,  and it becomes hard to assimilate the complex syntax, typical of the majority of classical, high-content or science-intensive works, which is completely absent in the exchange of texts or quick messaging.


As a result, one sentence must be re-read several times! But that's not all. Due to the constant connection to the Internet, human skills such as the ability to return to the once meaningful information, analyze what has been read, and connect the imagination, are sharply deteriorating.


Let's summarize:


Devices that ensure your constant connection to information/Internet, such as smartphones, iPads, etc., without which you can’t even go to the toilet now, make you almost a moron with a sluggish, apathetic, barely thinking brain that is not able to reason and analyze. But, like any drug addict, you, of course, are convinced of the opposite — that these devices make your life unrealistically bright, saturated, convenient, etc., and you personally are a "highly advanced person" who is always informed of everything. It is so easy to be intelligent nowadays: just type your question into the search engine box, and in fraction of seconds you get an answer in a form of an extract from someone's years of hard work and research! Why do you need to complicate your life and waste your valuable time on studying something, when you can have pleasant and carefree time with your friends discussing the aesthetics of a salad, cake, or anything else they posted on the instagram!


2. Through the use of these devices, all kinds of garbage foul up your on-board computer (called "Brain") and now you are only fit to do the most primitive, low-skilled work of a manager at the convenience store or coffee shop. You are not able to speak, write, or read coherently — your speech is tongue-tied and full of parasitic words. Telling someone about something, you barely find the right words, and while listening to someone, you quickly lose the thread of conversation and start to be bored and begin to yawn. You cannot write on your own, because without the Microsoft Word, you begin to make mistakes in words, and you don’t even know how to use punctuation marks. But you now can make great selfies (and other junk photos) and knock on WhatsApp to someone several times a day. Another masterpiece…


Mobile communication should be used only and exclusively in EMERGENCY cases. For example, you have come to an unfamiliar city and cannot find a meeting place — you really need to call. Or you are late for an important meeting — you need to call, i.e. you need to configure your device only to receive or transfer the professional and business information you need. And the rest of the time your device should be turned off. However, you are already very uncomfortable even just reading this.


If you are strong and are a human being, you need to be prepared for the fact that all your peers, to put it mildly, will not understand you — they will tell you that you are out of your mind, you are insane, or this is ludicrous, bizarre, weird, etc. A person with willpower does not care about others’ reaction. Remember, you are a target of an information attack, and you need to defend yourself. This can be done only by understanding where, who, and HOW deceives and attacks you. Keep on reading the right books — the time for truth has come!


And finally, you will have to re-learn to read books. Read real paper books — do you understand now why? Do not look at your smart phone for hours, read books instead! It will be hard, but do not drift away and stay focused. You should not force yourself too hard though — on the first day, read a half page, the next day — a whole page, on the third day — 1.5 pages, etc. Understand that your body will resist in every way — you may get nauseous, dizzy, hungry, horny — your degraded brain will do anything just to avoid THINKING! But eventually you are the only one who decides who the master of your BRAIN is…


All of the above is hard but very doable. Provided, of course, that you have read to the end and understood what we were talking about here. But don’t just stop there — act accordingly! Only then you have a chance to catch up with your train.


Marina Valyaeva