SVETL, The life generator, a Bio-Informational technology by Nicolai Levashov and RSTS.

SvetL complex


The “SvetL” software was developed to provide solutions for comprehensive healing and all round human development.

The "SvetL" Complex - is a device with embedded software placed on a compact information storage medium and a Life support generator" on the silicon die.

The "SvetL" Complex has been developed by the "Russian Scientific and Technical Society" under the close guidance of the original inventor, Nikolai Levashov.

- the Life Generator (a generator of primary matters), which is an integral part of the “SvetL” Complex”, is installed on a die, made from specially grown silicon crystals, which has enabled a manifold increase in the efficiency and bandiwdth of the generator bound to it.

- a new, compact design, which has been developed taking into account all of the feedback from users of previous versions simplifies the operation, increases the reliability and efficiency of its ‘work’. Now the “SvetL” Complex can be taken with you constantly and causes no inconvenience during use.

- the software, as part of the "SvetL" Complex, is located on a safe compact information storage medium inside the Complex, allowing you to control the programs installed in Complex’s generator and to change the functional positions of the software using any available PC (and in future via a Tablet PC or smartphone).

Computers can be used for the "SvetL" Complex that meet the requirements of the software: any PC with a Windows operating system that is available to the user at any given time.

All of this provides owners with optimal visibility and accessibility in working with and independently learning and mastering all the capabilities of the "SvetL" Complex.

Familiarise yourself with the complete user instructions for the “SvetL” Complex (part 1, part 2)

The operating principle of “SvetL” Complex software

In accordance with its purpose “SvetL” software, has a precise and customized healing program for each individual (the owner of the given program) for the desired outcome. “SvetL” software not only controls the flow of energy, but also produces the required effect on specified organs and systems of the human body.

The effect does not stimulate but instead transforms; damaged cells and tissues are renewed and instead of morphologically altered cells, new, healthy, cells appear that are not damaged by one or other pathologies.

“SvetL” software enables these energies to influence the human body and as a consequence, the physical body rids itself of pathologies. Within the body, physically dense materials (food, water, etc.) are split and the potential that is released during this splitting ensures optimal functioning of the living organism as a whole.

During pathological changes in the body, which are caused by various pathogens or by the influence of the external environment, a disruption of the energy saturation level occurs, and these pathological changes are gradually transferred to the physical body. The result is a disruption of the functions of the body as whole.

The operating principle of “SvetL” software is that it not only nourishes the person with appropriate energy flows, but also restores the qualitative structure of a bodily system to a healthy state. “SvetL” software automatically adjusts the accumulated energy flows and distributes them in strict relation to the body’s immediate healing requirements and for maintaining that condition of the body for a long period of time.

With competent and correct use of “SvetL” software it is possible not just to defeat pathogens, but restore the normal operation of any organ or system of the human body through healing.

In addition to its healing effect, the “SvetL” Package facilitates all-round spiritual and intellectual development , reduces the harmful effect of negative environmental factors and of products containing GMOs, and has a beneficial effect on the recovery of the body’s natural protective mechanisms, and increases creative and intellectual potential.

It is important to understand that the work of “SvetL” software in healing programs is a process that extends over time, not an instant of miraculous healing or energy supply boost, although in some special cases this is also possible.


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