SVETL, The life generator, a Bio-Informational technology by Nicolai Levashov and RSTS.

SvetL-K Pendant


SvetL-K pendant is capable of supplying a larger energy bandwidth, in comparison with the bracelet. This is the fusion of the two most effective materials for the subtle energy generation, the silver and the silicon. While the specifically crafted silicon crystal plate serves as the most powerful  base of the life generator, the silver encasing, having the most compatible structure to the human brain cells, is providing the energy informational conduit.

The solution architected in accordance to the Golden Ratio principle, having 28 directional lines (clockwize and counterclockwize) angled under the 36.6 degrees. Thus forming an almost ideal platform for the SvetL generator.


Bioinformational adaptive silver/silicon pendants of the “SvetL” programs have a general beneficial effect on the human organism, and are used as both a preventative measure and for healing and human development.

The active element of the pendant is the “SvetL” program.

The effect of the program is primarily directed at a comprehensive restoration of the energy-informational systems of the human body (the owner), taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular person.


While interacting with the spirit and mind of the owner, the personalized SvetL-K pendant generates and additional life potential, due to the specifically programmed subtle energy informational logic structure, the SvetL generator. Thus boosting the energy level, and nourishing the spirit’s subtle bodies. That ultimately leads to the rejuvenation of the live cells of the physical body.


The pendant made with sterling silver, possesses the natural qualities of the most powerful universal antibiotic, harmless to the human, but deadly for thousands of microbes. At the same time the Argentum crystal lattice is the most identical to the human brain neuro structure. Inside the pendant, there's a specifically crafted crystalline silicon plate. That acts as a transformer of the energy from the SvetL generator. Thus making this fusion the even better platform for the individual energy informational life support generator – SvetL.


   The SvetL-K pendants equipped with the life support generator recommended for the people under high emotional stress conditions, psychological and physical overloads, as well as hostile electro-magnetic environment and adverse atmospheric conditions. The daily use of SvetL programs is highly beneficial for the development of growing younglings, and to support and stabilize the condition of the elders.


After several years of use, multiple SvetL owners share the statements about following quality changes:


  • Stimulates the metabolism, thus accelerating the processes of the natural recovery and healing;
  • Promotes the release of accumulated toxins, relieves the chronic fatigue symptoms;
  • Increases the stress resistance and work productivity;
  • Improves the sleep quality and emotional stability;
  • Accelerates the adaptation and restoration from the residual effects of the magnetic field sharp changes, and anomalous atmospheric events;
  • Reduces the extent of the negative influence of numerous technogenic environmental factors;
  • Boosts the natural recovery and protective functions of the human organism;
  • Facilitates the conditions for the harmonious development of the owner’s spirit and mind;
  • Enhances the creative potential, memory and intellectual concentration;
  • Programs the biologically active water structure in accordance with the owner’s personalized healing needs;


SvetL awakens the gift in those, who have it by birth, and awards others according to their intentions.

Ultimately, as of 2011.04.24 there's currently no working legacy contact means with the higher hierarchy of the planetary mind (The Planetary Control System), as the result of the dismantling the previous System.


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