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Doctor who discovered Ebola warns that world could be hit by new deadly 'Disease X' that is as fast-spreading as Covid and as deadly as Ebola

Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, the doctor who discovered Ebola warns that new deadly viruses are set to hit mankind as medics fear new Disease X. 


The professor said that he thinks future pandemics could be worse than Covid-19 and could be more apocalyptic.

In Ingende, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a patient, who wishes to remain nameless was showing early symptoms of hemorrhagic fever.  

The patient had an Ebola test, but doctors fear she is patient zero of 'Disease X', which stands for unexpected, when the results came back negative.

This new pathogen could spread as fast as Covid-19 but has Ebola's 50 to 90 per cent fatality rate.

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